Lose weight sustainably with a program tailored personally to you


As with everything in Ayurveda, your weight loss progam will be completely tailored to your needs.  Using a specialized lifestyle regimen, custom herbal formula, select therapies, a custom diet, and daily follow-ups with Victor, Pacific Coast Ayurveda's weight loss program can help you lose weight at a healthy and sustainable pace.  The protocol evolves and changes as your body does, so that you break through plateus quickly and safely.  


During the first consultation we will spend two hours speaking with you about your health history and current concerns and goals.  Your weight loss protocol including your diet and lifestyle rhythm will be designed based on that session.  You will be supported during the entire protocol, with the opportunity to communicate challenges and ask any questions you may have at any point.  Your protocol is designed to bring your body back to a state of balance - not for a short period of time but for the rest of your life!  Your body "wants" to be healthy and that is what we focus on.


If you need to lose more that 75lbs then loose skin from rapid weight loss can be a concern.  It is absolutely essential that you lose weight slowly, with a diet and herbal regimine that support the rejuvination of the elasticity of your skin.  The skin needs ample time to adjust to the new shape of the body.  Avoiding loose skin can save you the discomfort from a potential surgery.


In general, participants notice other improvements  to health during the process.  A brighter complexion, increased energy, improved digestion, more resiliance to colds/flus, and an overall improvement in a sense of peace and well-being.


The average participant loses 1 - 2 lbs per week and keeps it off!  That is between 25 - 48lbs in 6 months!


Monthly Consultations and Daily Communication - $250 per month (6 month commitment is required)

Herbs - $35 - $50 per month

Ayurvedic Therapies (Optional) - $75 to $125 each


Total over 6 months - $1,710 (not including therapies)