Ayurveda at a Distance

Ready to make a change in your health?


Health Consultations with our Ayurvedic Doctors,

Victor Briere, A.D. and Madison Madden, A.D. are available via phone and video.

Contact us to schedule a 45 minute consultation. We will do a comprehensive evaluation that addresses your complete health history and current concerns. 


You will receive a completely customized health regime that addresses your symptoms as well as the root-cause of your condition. This may include dietary and lifestyle changes, yoga and breathing exercises, and herbal formulations, as indicated. 

Follow-up consultations are scheduled as necessary on an on-going or incremental basis. 

Cost $125


Call 707.225.8844 to schedule.

How Does It Work?

"It's unfortunate that most of Western medicine focuses only on symptoms, while ignoring the root causes of disease and health issues.  It's a good thing there are people like Victor and Madison, who've studied medicinal systems that address those root causes.

I went to PC Ayurveda only for minor health issues, but it was easy to see how powerful their methods are.  They pointed out connections between diet and things like immune response, digestion and the body's natural cleansing mechanisms.  They use strategies that allow the body to heal itself, rather than relying on drugs that only mitigate symptoms!"

I recommend PC Ayurveda to anyone and everyone ~


Los Angeles, CA


When we align our path with the rhythms of Nature, we open ourselves to experience the soul of the Universe. This is where happiness finds us. And in this happiness is where health resides.