Professional Ayurvedic Education

Pacific Coast Ayurveda is a NAMA-recognized Continuing Education Provider. We hold workshops and seminars with some of the highest-caliber Ayurvedic Physicians and Experts from around the world. 

Our professional education programs are meant to offer Ayurvedic professionals, and other health practitioners, specialized hands-on training in traditional Ayurvedic techniques and practices. We also offer clinical internship opportunities, and case-study mentorship for Ayurvedic Counselors and Practitioners.

Our community education programs are meant to offer public access to health education, Ayurveda, food-education and lifestyle transformation.  

Upcoming Seminars:

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Clinical Internships

Clinical Mentorship

We offer students and practitioners 3-7 day clinical internships at our Gualala, California clinic. Shadow our Ayurvedic Doctors, experience how a boutique clinic is run, hands-on participation in Ayurvedic therapies (or choose a Panchakarma specific internship), and personalized education including case-management, herbology, counseling, therapeutics, and practice management. 

Contact us for pricing and registration.

One-on-one case management or practice management support for ayurvedic counselors and practitioners. 

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20 minute call - $45

45 minute call - $75

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